The Cold Truth and it may hurt!

Below we break down exactly how to pay. However, if by the end of reading this these options seem like too much of a "hassle" then ask yourself if you are really committed to your research. If you aren't willing to put in the few minutes of work it takes to order with these options then you should probably save your money and not buy a single thing from any company as you probably lack the commitment to make any real progress in your research.


Peptide companies are unable to accept credit cards like any other type of business.  There ARE ZERO traditional card options for Research Chemicals that are based here in the United States.  We however, have pioneered a few very simple and easy payment options for you.

Mesh Visa & Mastercard: (Easiest and Most Traditional)

This payment method is a favorite.  Choose this method and you will be guided through a process which allows you to purchase a gift card (Load Pack) and apply it to your purchase all in the same process.  

You WILL be required to verify the last four of your SSN.  This is a requirement by the financial institution that is processing the payments to ensure ZERO fraudulent purchases.


Credit/Debit Card Afterpay: (Most Traditional)

Takes less than 2 minutes!

Accepts credit & debit cards.

They break it up into installments with no fees.

It can be paid in full whenever you want at

Either way your order will still ship since since they pay us in full at the time of purchase.

We also offer Affirm and ViaBill which are similar to Afterpay.


We also offer the following for those that are familiar with these methods.

Zelle: Is awesome! Most major banks include Zelle in their app. If not just download Zelle and register. This is how you pay using your debit card or funds from your bank.